What is Nude Vodka Soda?

Nude Vodka Soda is a sugar free, sweetener free and gluten free low-calorie beverage that is made in BC. 

Why is it called Nude?

We called it Nude Vodka Soda because it is just that: nude of sugar, sweetener, and gluten. It also stands for who we are as a brand. We strive to be real, true, and honest- nude of the bullshit.

What alcohol percentage is Nude?

Nude clocks in at 5%… similar to the average beer, cooler, or cider.

How many calories per can? Nutritional information etc.

Nude has 100 calories per can. This is the minimum amount we could have it at with 5% alcohol volume. See below picture for a snap of our nutritional information:

What flavours do you make?

Currently we have strawberry kiwi, cucumber mint, classic lime, and peach. 

We are always whipping up new flavours so if you have any suggestions, please email us at info@nudevodkasoda.com!

What vodka do you use?

We use a 100% Canadian corn-based gluten-free vodka.

Can you tell me more about the flavours you use?

We use all natural extracts and essences derived from natural sources. Our flavours are mostly aroma based, similar to a La Croix or Perrier Sparkling.

Who are you as a company?

We are a small Vancouver-based team of 4, but we have an amazing network of family, friends, partners and contractors that have stood behind us.

Who came first, you or another vodka soda company?

Nude is first unsweetened vodka soda that is made in BC. We are the first to launch in our home province, and since we launched, we’ve seen several very similar beverages come to market.

Nationally, there was one brand out before us, and that was Social Lite (based out of Ontario). They are a great brand ran by great people. We recommend you give them a try as they are the originator of vodka sodas here in Canada, and without them paving the way and taking the risk on an unsweetened beverage, we might’ve not been where we are today.

Is Nude hiring?

We are always hiring talented people. Please inquire or send your resume to info@nudevodkasoda.com

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